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This section is dedicated to our bikes and at all Ducatisti
who want to share their passion for these  legend bikes.

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Versione Italiana

Ducati Elite 1967   Mr. Kick van der Liet (Amsterdam - Holland)             

Ducati 200 Elite     Mr. Fabrizio Lanzi  (Italy)


Ducati 350 Mark3 Desmo            Mr. P.paisan (Thailand)             
                         MY DUCATI 350 DESMO

Group       "  DUCATI  ITALIAN  STALIAN  "     (Thailand)             
          follow them in their beautiful bike rallies

Ducati 175 SS (1958)  and  175 SS Racing with impressive record!         Mr. Vladimir    (Argentina)             

Ducati 250 Scrambler  Mr. Bortolato Fabiano (Padova - Italy)


DUCATI SCRAMBLER 450 1970 riding Henry Bongiorni
Valtrebbia tour 2008 "amici dello scrambler moto club"


Ducati 350 Scrambler unrestored 1973 
          Mr. Domenico Lala (Italy)


Ducati 250 Scrambler  Mr. Alberto Arrigucci  (Arezzo-Italy)


Ducati Desmo           Mr. Giorgio Marras (Italy)        Ducati 450 Spiaggiari Replica                     

Ducati Paul Smart 1000     Mr. Giorgio Marras (Italy)                         

Ducati 450 Scrambler desmo  woodstock  (Italy)


Ducati 175 Turismo     Mr.  Marco Zanini  (Italy)


Ducati 350 Scrambler     Mr. Willi Mix  (Germany)


Ducati 350 Scrambler  Nuccio Spigola, some years ago!


Ducati 450 MkIII  Mr. Julian Ross Somervell (New Zeland)

Ducati  Cadett 100  Mr. Matteo (Italy)


Scrambler 450 2nd serie - Mr. Seimenis I. (Athens-Hellas)

Ducati 100 sport 350 desmo 350 corsa 450 scrambler
                    Mr.  C. Trifone (Bari-Italy)

Pantah xl 350 (prepared with engine and graphics of 500 SL)
                           Mr.  R. Maurizio (Italy)

Ducati 175 Turismo 1959    T. Matteo (Italy)

Ducati 175 sport     M. Koenen (Holland)

Ducati 125 Sport 1964    Luciano (Italy)

Ducati 98     A. Schäfer (Germany)

Ducati 175 ss 1957 used for race   Collection Pirotti Mario (Mantova - Italia)     Ducati 125 sport 1959             

Ducati cucciolo 1950 not restored    Collection Pirotti Mario (Mantova - Italia)     Ducati 98 TL 1955 restored